1. "Gloria" - Mineral

    (live, 1996)

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    1996 me is doing back flips. 

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    No Name #3 - Elliott Smith (live)

    He basically never played this one live, even though it’s such a brilliant song. Thank goodness everyone was talking over it, right?


    elliott smith 

  4. You Go Down Smooth - Lake Street Dive (live)

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    It’s a dreary, gross Monday but there’s a new Nickel Creek song on youtube so the sun must be shining somewhere.

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    "Young Fathers" - Typhoon (live)

    Now I’m as old as you were when you had me
    Should I be afraid?
    Should I start a family?
    Raise them in the wild
    because up against the city
    My love is such a small thing.

    One of the very best songs of 2013, from the brilliantly noisy 11-piece “indie symphony” that is Typhoon. I’ll post a full “best of 2013” playlist soon, but for now, just enjoy this passionately energetic live version.

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    The Final Update: NPR Music’s Best Music Of 2013 On Spotify, Rdio

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    Re: Stacks (Bon Iver cover) - Oscar Isaac

    It’s safe to say that Oscar Isaac is having a year. The breakout star of the Coen Brothers latest film, Inside Llewyn Davis, Isaac looks poised to grab his first Oscar nomination for playing the titular character, a Greenwich Village folk singer circa 1961. While many of you already know that Isaac performs all of his own musical numbers in the film, far fewer are probably aware that Isaac was an accomplished singer before ever crossing paths with the Coen Brothers, having fronted a band called NightLab for a few years now.

    And in one of those wonderful internet discovery moments, it turns out that NightLab has its own YouTube page, which dates all the way back to 2009. And that’s where you will find this amazing little thing - Oscar Isaacs covering Bon Iver’s “Re: Stacks” all by his lonesome in a room somewhere. And he nails it.

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    Silver Timothy - Damien Jurado

    Brand new music, from his upcoming LP, Brothers And Sisters Of The Eternal Son, which will be out next year.

    (Source: sometimesagreatnotion)

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    Satellite of Love - Okkervil River (Lou Reed cover)


    lou reed okkervil river